We’re thrilled to announce the latest new feature for ActivePrint! We’ve designed an entirely new user interface for printing photos from your iPhone’s or iPad’s photo library to give you the ability to print multiple photos with more advanced options such as print quality, grayscale or color printing, and page orientation!

When asked “What would you like to print?” just choose photo album like you always have, then select as many photos as you would like. We’ve developed a unique code that takes advantage of iOS 9 features to make it where you can select as many as 100 photos from your photo library for a single print out! With newer devices such as the iPhone 6s/6s Plus and the iPad Pro you can select even more!

After you’ve selected your photos you’ll be presented with the user interface in this post. Where you can make the following selections:

  • Paper orientation
  • Number of rows and columns of photos per page
  • Margin on all four sides of the page
  • Full Color or Grayscale
  • Print quality options for Draft (150 dpi), Normal (300 dpi), or High (600 dpi)

Print jobs can be sent to ActivePrint Cloud Printers with the use of our PC App on a Windows PC, Google Cloud Printers, or AirPrint Printers, as well as shared by using our Print To QR System.

Download ActivePrint today from the AppStore and purchase the ActivePrint Pro Upgrade for $4.99 (US Dollars) to use this great new feature!

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