Apple made a lot of news today with an update for iOS, a new iPhone, a new iPad, a new Apple TV, and more! You can watch the full keynote on Apple’s website here. But the big news for our customers is that ActivePrint is fully compatible with all iOS 9 devices including the new larger iPad Pro!

The new iPad Pro measures 12.9 inches on the diagonal, compared to the 9.7 inches of the iPad Air. This makes the iPad Pro a device design specifically for producing content. Especially for photo editing, artists, and anyone who wants to utilize the larger screen surface that makes it a true notebook replacement. As you’re creating your content on this new iPad (or any iPad for that matter) the best way to print from it is still ActivePrint!

ActivePrint Cost Savings, Passed Along To You

Additionally, we’ve been very busy increasing the efficiency of the ActivePrint Cloud System. This new efficiency is starting to pay off with huge cost savings for us in terms of servers and server management. So we’re going to pass these savings along to you, the ActivePrint customer. As of today we are eliminating the ActivePrint Cloud Print Subscription model!

Instead of an annual subscription you will now pay a one time cost of $4.99 (US Dollars) from within the ActivePrint App on the Apple AppStore or from the ActivePrint website. Also, if you have already paid for ActivePrint Cloud Printing Subscription then you don’t have to do anything! Just upgrade to ActivePrint 11.3.1 on your iPhone or iPad once it goes live on the AppStore this week.

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