This week, Pocket Watch, LLC. turned 13 years old! It’s amazing to think about how far this company has come in that time. In the early days of the company I spent most of my days simply writing code for a very niche market, Personal Data Assistants (PDAs). Then in 2008 when Apple opened the doors on the iPhone AppStore we joined the land rush to bring ActivePrint to this exciting and new platform that quickly became a part of our modern culture. Can anyone remember life before smartphones?

Now, in 2015 we’ve expanded even further. Not only is Pocket Watch, LLC. just a software company now. We’ve expanded into the computer hardware industry¬†with ActivePrint Cloud Server. And as of January of this year we’ve added a full Business and Technology Consulting service. This new consulting service is built specifically to help companies, big and small, get their technology working for them. Whether its a new website, finding just the right software or equipment to make working with their customers easier, or helping companies sell their products online to the entire world using the right e-commerce solution.

All of this from our office in Downtown Beaumont, TX!¬†It’s been an amazing thirteen years, and we’re just getting started.

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