1397603145-5-clever-ways-increase-mobile-app-reviews-7One of the most common questions we get is about whether or not a client needs a mobile app as well as a mobile responsive website. It depends on a number of variables including what kind of product or service do you deliver to your target market, how does your target market find out about your company most frequently (desktop web browser or smartphone), and how do you want to connect with your clients from day to day just to name a few.

Entrepreneur.com posted a great article that dives into this subject. Here are a couple of key quotes from the article:

“You’ll see that a responsive site makes sense if you have a tight budget, rely heavily on SEO, need universal accessibility and plan to make frequent updates.”

“Apps, on the other hand, are preferred if you have a complex user interface, if you send and receive a great deal of data and if you want to take advantage of smartphone functionality. Apps also are good if personalization is important and if you’re trying to monetize content.”

Our Business and Technology Consulting service can help walk you through the steps to decide whether or not your company is best served with an app, a mobile website, or a combination of the two. Every company is different, so we take a personalized approach that insures an online and mobile presence that adds value to your customers in a way that is as unique as your business. Contact us here to schedule an appointment.

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