FBI-SealNormally we post about marketing trends and ways to use technology to expand your business. However, there is some recent news in the area of website security. The FBI has released an announcement stating that supporters of the terrorist group ISIS are targeting WordPress based websites. The primary way they are targeting WordPress sites is by taking advantage of known vulnerabilities in plugins or themes that are either poorly designed (from a security perspective) or are not kept up to date by website owners. By using these vulnerabilities ISIS supporters are defacing websites with pro-ISIS propaganda.

It is very important to protect your company website against being defaced whether this virtual vandalism comes from terrorists spreading propaganda or from common criminals trying to take advantage of the visitors to your website. All websites that are maintained through our WordPress Consulting Services are kept up to date with the latest versions of all the plugins and themes that are used and are continuously monitored for any problems. So you can rest assured that your website is safe and serving your customers.

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